ChiChi LOVE Instagram Filter has launched!

The cute little dog now conquers Instagram Stories.

Big rolling eyes, a cute little snub nose, cuddly soft and with ever new accessories in pink, glitter and rainbow colors - that is ChiChi Love. And exactly this look is now available for Instagram users. Personalized Instagram Filters are becoming more and more popular and with the Augmented Reality filter function you can now photograph or film yourself or friends in ChiChi Love style.

The filter can be found on your smartphone via the filter search function in Instagram under the name "ChiChi LOVE" or on the Instagram profile of toy_fan_official

The little dog is a faithful companion, playmate, helps to fall asleep and also consoles sometimes. The many different plush dog varieties are a good alternative to satisfy the children's desire for a pet. In this way the youngest children already learn responsibility.

After ChiChi LOVE also has its own very popular YouTube series the puppy now got its own Instagram filter. In the style of the popular Chihuahua: With many hearts.

ChiChi LOVE Instagram Filter has launched!